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Lead Me Not Into Temptation, Or Do
It’s all about falling in love with yourself and sharing that love with someone who appreciates you, rather than looking for love to compensate for a self love deficit.
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When my mother was thirty one she watched her father as he was lowered into the ground after years of finding sanctuary in a pack of Marlboro’s. I remember the night my neighbor drove his car straight into a telephone pole when he tried to swallow the pain with a shot or seven of vodka. My best friend’s sister stabbed herself with needles full of poison until her heart almost stopped and I watched her cry when she said all she wanted was more. I swore to myself that nothing would ever get me hooked, that I would never get myself addicted. But then I met you. And jesus, I got stuck on you. I wanted to breathe you into my lungs, to drink you until my head was dizzy, put you into my bloodstream. It wasn’t until you that I realized you can get addicted to people too.
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Go to hell.”

“Baby, I’m already there.

By the way he
touched me, I
knew it would
hurt when he
left me.
I won’t beg someone to love me. I learned long ago that there is no use in hopeless pleas of trying to make someone stay. I am too good to chase someone who does not know my worth and I am too wild to keep waiting for someone who doesn’t acknowledge my value. I want to be loved unconditionally. I shouldn’t have to fight so hard for it. I do not have the time to prove to someone that I am worth it. I shouldn’t have to prove any of that; I am worth more than that.

Ming D. Liu, A Story A Day #138 

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I’ve been pretty lazy about posting on here lately, but I’ll try to catch up soon. These are from Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming. 

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The great hindrance in spiritual life is that we will look for big things to do. ‘Jesus took a towel…and began to wash the disciples feet.’
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Grimm and Other Folk Tales

by Cory Godbey

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Please let yourself be proud of small things. Please do that. Please allow yourself to get really excited about playing a video game well or sending an ask you were nervous about or letting a bug outside or peeling the whole orange in one try. Please get so excited about that. Please. That’s so cool I’m so glad you did it.

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