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people who randomly decide to compliment you are so important

We’re all seem to love making other people happy and it’s about time we treated ourselves the way we treat other people. Don’t be afraid to make yourself happy, love yourself the way you love other people. If we all tried to at least then we’d all feel a little better about ourselves. God knows how much love we spend on other people, and so little on ourselves. This is your life, don’t ever forget that.
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These are not generally kids who can scream and yell and say, “I hate you, why did you do this to me?” They’re very sweet and they’re very kind. And they’re parent pleasers. And so they are aggressive in the sense that they are driving the knife deeper into the family and the family watches them die. But they are very sweet and very kind and very quiet about the process.
SUSAN WILLARD on anorexia- NOVA Dying to Be Thin  (via loviingyouforever)
The key to being content is the confidence that God is your source of approval, your place of belonging.
Lisa Ryan, forsuchatimeasthis (via femalesoldier)
You’re not supposed to keep everyone happy or fixed. If you take on that job, the only person who will not be happy is you.

By Joel Osteen

Maybe I should listen to this advice….

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I believe I have so little to
offer that I give everything
away like an estate sale in
hopes that people won’t
move away from me; I’ll
know my soulmate by the
way he gently closes my
doors and tells people
that what’s left is ours.

I’m not sure of the definition of success. But I know the definition of failure. Trying to please everybody all of the time.

Bill Cosby

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